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Services We Provide..

The top three primary goals of a management company are to achieve the objectives of the property owner, generate income, and preserve or increase the value of the property.

Rest assured, Star Rentals has your best interest in mind. Our company strives to meet the high expectations placed on us. We handle everything and anything for our owners.
We have proven strategies to lease your property in a timely fashion while generating the highest income possible. We also diligently inspect properties to be aware of any potential problems or issues.

No rent check this month?
We save owners the headaches! Let us deal with the many issues that arise from leasing your property and all the potential issues that will occur during occupancy. Chasing down tenant’s for rent checks are frustrating and painful. From tenant problems to rent problems, we handle it all!

Not familiar with the laws?
Tenant’s rights, owner’s rights, fair housing, deposit handling, new laws, discrimination, etc..
Many laws are in place to protect tenants. These laws have strict guidelines that must be followed accordingly. Lawsuits are commonplace for owners do not follow the rules and regulations placed on them. Let us handle it! We know the rules and regulations inside and out. We are here to not only serve you but to protect you.

No time?
We at Star Rentals understand the importance of time for our owners. Repairs, walkthroughs, inspections, profit and loss statements, etc….
These are the many things that can take up your whole day. We know owners have other things on their mind and tons to do. Let us handle it for you!

Don’t know your service provider?
Many owners hire contractors they have no experience with. Sometimes, this leads to disaster and more problems. Star Rentals has a list of certified contractors that we trust to give you the best price and will perform the work in a timely manner. We also verify that the work is completed to our standards and done with care.

Our Charges..

We charge 10% of the monthly rent, only when the property is rented. All of our internet advertising is included in the fee. We advertise all over the world wide web on multiple websites including our own. Print or newspaper ads are an additional charge.

When you contact Star Rentals regarding interest in property management services, we will come out to the property and perform an inspection, free of charge. This process will help identify any potential issues or repairs that may affect the desirability of the property. We will also give you a range of the market rental rate the property will expect to acquire.


We advertise on multiple websites across the web. We understand the importance of new technology and its impact on our industry. Star Rentals is at the forefront of emerging trends and strategies that help expose the property to the world.

Above Average Service…

Star Rentals does things above and beyond your average management company. You’ll notice special things we do for our clients that no other company does. Some examples include video showings and condition videos. These are videos that we make to protect the value of the property and help distinguish it from the other properties on the market.

Out of state owners? No problem, we can send out inspection videos in email format that will allow the viewing of the property without the need to fly here and view it yourself.

These are just some examples of what we do for our owners.

Contact us today to experience the Star Difference!